Our classmate Karen transitioned on November 8, 2014.

Karen, originally from Knoxville, TN, attended Spelman College and earned a BA degree in history. While at Spelman she participated in their study abroad program at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She was awarded a scholarship for master's studies, in archeology and anthropology at New York University. She loved all things sci-fi, fantasy and comics.

‘If you never had the opportunity to hear Karen laugh, you missed out on something truly special. Her laughter was loud, frequent, and completely infectious—and usually preceded by one of her trademark wicked one-liners that left us all gasping for air. Her easy laugh reflected the simple joys she found in life. She loved reading, seeing movies, gaming, cooking, going to concerts. But that never stopped her from trying to do more, to learn more. She had an intellectual curiosity and a dogged drive to continually improve herself that I envied and admired. She taught herself Japanese and traveled to Tokyo. She decided to learn to draw—and became a capable artist. She taught herself computer programming languages and helped friends with their websites. She assisted on independent films and taught herself everything there was to know about personal finance. There was never a time that Karen wasn’t teaching herself something.’ - Jennifer Heddle

 ‘I don’t know what Karen’s IQ was, but if one of us was officially “genius,” it was her, without a doubt. She never flaunted. She was unabashedly geek-proud, passionate about the things and people she loved. She brought joy wherever she went, and I’ll always remember her for that. …
‘ she ended up becoming the art director for Lightspeed and Nightmare, once again proving how diverse her talents were.
She was funny. She was brilliant. She was luminous.- John Picasio

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