"I still go to see Carmen every time I’m Atlanta.  In May 2016, our 25th reunion year, I went to see her on Friday, before the weekend activities kicked off.  As I sat there talking to her, telling her stories about what was going on in my life, it suddenly hit me – if Carmen were still here, she’d have the most up to date iPhone (definitely an iPhone), and would be the queen of selfies.  As I set next to her headstone, I knew exactly what to do – take a selfie with her! In that moment, I could hear Carmen laugh and smile as if she was right there next to me.

Just as I know that Carmen would have been the selfie queen, I know that she would have given back to Spelman, she would have earned a Blue Ribbon."
                                                     Shauna Trower 

When you give, please consider giving In Memory of Carmen Clark.


Taking this extra step will ensure that she is represented in the Spring Spelman Messenger along with our other Eternal Sisters.