Dear Sisters,

As we prepare for our 30th reunion, and think about reconnecting, I would like to take a moment to remember the classmates who won’t be there.  Sadly, since our graduation in 1991, we have lost fifteen sisters.  They were our roommates, sorors, best friends, and sometimes a combination of these.  I’d like you to join me in honoring our Eternal Sisters and letting their families know that they are always in our hearts.

This project is important to me because I lost my roommate and friend, Carmen Nicole Clark, to cancer on August 28, 2011.  Unfortunately, I found out through a Facebook post, just 2 weeks before we were to be together to celebrate her 42nd birthday.  I felt broken, guilty, sad, and lost for the void, but I have come to realize that Carmen, as well as the other Spelman Sisters we have lost, are our Eternal Sisters.  Their spirit of sisterly love surrounds us always, forever, eternally.

I know that if she were with us today, she would be taking selfies, getting ready for our 30-year reunion, and giving back to Spelman.  I’m certain she would have earned a Blue Ribbon, so I am helping her to earn it by my gift in honor of her memory.  In fact, I’m doing the same for my dear friend, Shandra Williams.  All our Eternal Sisters deserve to have their memories honored.   

Sisters, will you join me by making a financial gift to Spelman as a tribute for one or more of them?  

(Click the name of the Eternal Sister that you would like to honor below for further instructions.)

With Sisterly Love,

Shauna Trower


Martilla Renee Jones Beatty

1969 - 1997

Jamitra Nichelle Ector Davis

1969 - 2000

Jessie Francine Dimery

1969 - 2001

Vikki Irvette Richardson

1969 - 2006

Stephanie L. Jackson-Pace

1969 - 2009

Crystal Michelle Harris

1970 - 2007


Jeannette Lee Brittennum Fields

1969 - 2009

Regina Rene

1969 - 2009


1969 - 2011

Seanda Hazel

1969 - 2013

Angel Dawson-Woodruff

1969 - 2015

Karen Avery

1969 - 2014

Kalia Spears

1969 - 2017

Karen Denise

1971 - 2019

Shandra Denise

1969 - 2017

Donna Evans Alexander

1969 - 2021


1969 - 2021