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​Thursday,  May 13th

  • Class Meeting (11:30am EST)

  • First Timers Experience (5:30pm EST)

  • Virtual Happy Hour & Mixology Class (8:00pm EST)


Friday, May 14th

  • Spelman - Reunion 2021 Convocation (11:30am EST)

  • Spelman - True Blue Gala (7:00pm EST)

  • SpelHouse91 Pajama Party (9pm EST)

Saturday, May 15th

  • Fit in our Fifties (9am-1pm EST)

  • SpelHouse Family Cookout (1:30pm EST)

  • C'91 Blue Gala & Pageant (8pm)

Sunday, May 16th

  • Sisterhood Sunday Worship Service (11am-noon EST)

  • Fit in our Fifties (9am-1pm EST)

  • Cooking Class & Sunday Brunch (1:30pm EST)

Welcome Wall in Manley 2016

Welcome Wall in Manley 2016

Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole at Convocation

Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole at Convocation

Class Portrait 2016

Class Portrait 2016

Convocation 2016

Convocation 2016

Spelhouse party 2016

Spelhouse party 2016

Morehouse 91 Classmates

Morehouse 91 Classmates

Fit in our Forties

Fit in our Forties

Fitness 2016

Fitness 2016

SpelHouse Picnic 2016

SpelHouse Picnic 2016

Banquet 2016

Banquet 2016


Did you miss this event on Wednesday, 11/18? Click this image to watch the recording of the session!
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For our 30-year class reunion, we have two specific goals:

1.  Raise $400,000 for our 5-year cumulative gift. 

2.  Class Participation...91% 



For our 30-year class reunion, we have established 7 fundraising tiers to acknowledge our classmates' commitment and contribution to helping us meet our fundraising goals.

Spirit of JohnettaBCole


Pearls of Wisdom


Class Pearls


True Blue








Dear Classmates,


Reunion is a time to reminisce and to renew our connection.  It is also a time for us to give back to the institution that made us into the women we are today. Whenever we gather, we are all struck by the phenomenal women in the room—game changers in business, technology, the arts, medicine, education, law, and politics, just to name a few.  Spelman College changed our lives and for this, we are forever grateful. 


As you know, the nation and the world are at a crossroads.  Between the global pandemic, and the social upheaval the future is uncertain.  And in this perilous time: SPELMAN COLLEGE NEEDS OUR HELP NOW MORE THAN EVER


This is not the usual fundraising pitch when we pass the hat and ask you to give whatever you can spare.  Today, we are asking you to contribute as much as you can to preserve our beloved alma mater.  


Sisters, we have to step up. 


For our 30th Class Reunion, we have to challenge ourselves to contribute more this year than ever before. Let's dig deep and give to Spelman the way we give to relatives or other loved ones who are on the edge.  We must help Spelman weather this storm. 


As you contemplate your personal giving goal for this year, remember the lines of the hymn and how much they apply today:  

“Through years of toil and pain,  

may our dear walls remain,  

beacons of heavenly light,  

undaunted by the fight.” 

We know that times are hard, but we also know that we can rise to the occasion. Spelman is counting on us.  We can’t let her down. 


To commemorate our 30th anniversary, we are setting our Class Gift fundraising goal at $400,000.  This will be the largest gift our class has ever given to our alma mater.  For the last thirty years, we have navigated the world— facing down the odds, breaking records, and lifting each other up.  For us “Spelman Changed My Life” is not just a slogan, it is the gospel truth.  

For our reunion, let us show our true blue spirit with a sea of white dresses adorned with blue ribbons as we pass through the virtual arch. 

Kindest regards, 

Tayari Jones -  on behalf of our 30th Reunion Planning Committee





When is Reunion?
Reunion weekend starts on Thursday, May 13th and ends on Sunday, May 16th. 
When does class registration open?
Class registration is now open until March 1, 2021.
How much are the class dues?
Class dues are $110 for the Virtual Experience and Swag Bag.
Are you planning for an in-person or virtual reunion experience? 
For safety reasons, we are aligning with Spelman and planning a virtual-only experience.
Will this be a joint reunion experience with Morehouse?
Yes. As with previous reunions, this reunion will include joint activities with Morehouse. 
What is the difference between registering with Spelman vs. registering with the Class of '91?
Spelman's reunion registration covers virtual events that are sponsored by the College and includes a Spelman signature swag bag. Your class dues are a separate fee that is paid directly to the C'91 and will cover activities planned by the class that are exclusively for the class and includes a C'91 swag bag. 
How will commemorative class pictures be done this year?
Everyone in the class will need to upload a headshot. Photo guidelines are as follows: Headshot, in color, white attire, white background. Please be sure to upload your photo whether or not you register for the Spelman Reunion or pay the class dues. We would like as many people represented in our commemorative class photo as possible.
Deadline is April 23, 2021.
What is our Class of 1991 fundraising goal for our 30th reunion?
Our 5-year cumulative fundraising goal for this reunion is $400,000.
What is the deadline for giving contributions to be counted towards our class gift?
In order to count towards our 30th Reunion Class Gift, all donations must be received by Spelman no later than 2:00 pm EDT on May 13, 2021. Please plan accordingly. It can take up to 2-3 months for indirect contributions to arrive at Spelman. If you give through payroll deductions, it is possible that your deductions for April and May will not arrive at Spelman in time to be counted towards the class gift.
How can I find out my personal contributions to Spelman?
If you would like information about your giving history, please contact Doris Pierce-Hardy at 404-270-6417 or Doris will provide a report that you can review to ensure that Spelman's records accurately reflect your donations. Please limit your requests to no more than twice per year so that she may effectively serve all other reunioning classes. 
What are hard dollars vs. soft dollars and why is it important to understand this?
An outright gift made by the alumna directly to Spelman College in the form of cash, check, credit/debit card is classified as hard dollars. In order to be counted for Every Woman...Every Year! class participation, a portion of your giving must be made directly to Spelman using one of these methods. 

Indirect contributions received by Spelman College in the name of the alumna via payroll deductions, matching dollars for donations and/or volunteer hours are considered soft dollars. Both hard dollars and soft dollars are applied to the Class Gift total in addition to gifts in honor of or in memory of a reunioning alumna. 
Are alumnae credited for hard dollars and soft dollars for Giving Society qualification?
Yes. As long as the name of the alumna is received with the gift, direct (hard) and indirect (soft) contributions will apply towards Giving Society qualifications. 
Does any gift that I make to Spelman automatically get credited to the C'91 Class Gift?
Yes. As long as you are associated with the C'91 in Spelman's records, any gift made directly to the College by you or made through payroll deductions, matching gifts, paid volunteer hours, etc., will count towards the class gift.
If I designate my gift to a specific area will it still be counted towards our reunion class gift?
Yes. Alumnae have the option to designate their gift to any area. It is preferred that alumnae support the unrestricted fund, however, all gifts, no matter the designation count towards an alumna reunion gift. Contact the Office of Annual Giving if you have any questions about specific designations.
If I donate In Memory of a deceased Spelman alumnae, will that effect my designation or the gift being credited to Spelman in my name? 
No. Your In Memory Of gift is simply a way to acknowledge a sister who is no longer with us. It will not impact your designation and the gift will still be credited to your giving totals.
Does any gift that I make to Spelman count toward my Blue Ribbon Committment?
Yes. As long as you are associated with the C'91 in Spelman's records, any gift made directly to the College by you or made through payroll deductions, matching gifts, paid volunteer hours, etc., will count towards your Blue Ribbon Initiative commitment.
How can I ensure that I am credited by the class for C'91 Giving Tiers?
If you would like to be recognized for C'91 Giving Tiers, you must forward your giving receipts received from Spelman to If you are participating on a Blue Ribbon team, be sure to copy No one from the class can request giving totals on your behalf.


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Kasey McClary
Reunion Chair & Class Agent


Monica Briggs Anderson

Finance & Fundraising Chair, Spel-Agent


Terraine Bailey

Social Activities Committee Chair


Sabrena McBride

Communications Chair,
Blue Ribbon Initiative,


Renee Afuna Kotubetey-Adodo

Class Participation Chair,

Shauna Nicole Trower

Eternal Sisters

Committee Members 

Where the magic happens.

(left to right)
Deidre Young, Raquel Bruce, Marcia Howard, Rhonda Waller, Suzanne Whitlock, Tacita Mikel Scott, Alicia Thompson Pennie, Tayari Jones, Joy Carter, Roxana Walker-Canton, Nicole Avery, Tracy Jackson, Rae Greer, Danielle Delirous Oakry, Lisa Henderson